Private Healthcare provider based in the UK with a need for a corporate refresh project.

Image illustrating website design for BupaBupa poster for two women talking
  • Role

  • Senior Designer

  • Contribution

  • Visual Design / Art Direction

  • Contributors

  • Claire Parker (PM), Scott Deakin (Code)

  • Platform

  • Web (React), Tailwind, Custom CMS

Bupa had engaged with agency 227 for the production of a full site refresh following the advent of new services they were offering to gain new customers. The team and I produced a fully responsive site built on react and tailwind (for speed of course) and was launched in the UK in the summer of 2019.

Image illustrating website design for Bupa
Image illustrating mobile designs for BupaBupa advertisment poster


I also completed a series of artwork pieces for the project by converting supplied imagary from the brand team into an oil based style using a mixture of filtering techniques in Photoshop.

This work was then progressed using a more traditonal approach with a Wacom tablet to get that oil based look giving a superb result and finish. This work was used for both online and print based marketing communications.

Original photo of two people used for artworkArtwork with applied filtersFinished artwork visual as used on the website hero section

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