Notifai are a Series-A funded startup based in Calafornia and Shenzhen producing intelligent IoT devices and systems for air control and environmental monitoring solutions. I contracted my design services to the team to work on hotel kiosk weather reporting system, IoT device designs and User Interface for device management. The examples below are for the IoT Device AirSense ®

Notifai AirSense Promotional Poster
  • Role

  • Freelance Designer (Contract)

  • Contribution

  • Visual Design / IoT / UX/UI Design

  • Contributors

  • Sean Anders (Product), Yaroslav Grishajev (Engineering)

  • Platforms

  • Custom controllers and devices

  • Duration

  • 6 weeks

Following my work at Concrete the Lead Engineer Yaro reached out to me to help support the Product team with the creation of their new Airsense® monitoring device.

For this effort I worked very closely with both the Product Manager and engineering team on the visual asthetics of the product and the liquid display designs which utilised liquid screen technology to maintain battery performance.

I followed up with a series of promotional items to help with marketing and communications efforts for advertising the AirSense to key clients both existing and new.

I produced all the visual assets, iconography and font checking to make sure it rendered well on the liquid display (e-ink).

Liquid Ink Display

Early Stage Protoyping

The following shots were taken from the initial research phase of the project where we had to test a set of liquid displays for the best resoluton and performance in terms of voltage and battery cost. The tested lifecycle charge for the displays on lowest voltage was estimated to run for over 3 years on a full initial charge.

As you can see in the examples below we also tested the display on dark mode and light mode for performance benefits.

Research and prototyping photos
Research and prototyping photos
Production render produced by visualisation CAD team for the product design.

Brand and Logo Refresh

The team wanted to update the brand look with something more modern and fresh. Therefore for this effort I worked on a logo and brand exploration to help promote the new Airsense® product keeping the core brand colors and messaging as intact as possible.
The direction I took was to keep the logo as clean and simple as possible the letter N was modified to show a curve to the lower right kern.
I also came up with the strapline as this resonated most with both the founder, marketing director and team.

Logo insitu with AirSense.Logo designs

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